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14 best software for Windows PC + crack + tips. Mega Post – All In One

14 best software for Windows PC + crack + tips. Mega Post – All In One

Mega Post

Most of the computers we use are operating systems in Microsoft Windows. Today’s post about some of the essential software for a Windows PC. An intermediate-level computer user has all the best software needed for software that is included in this list, as well as crack software packages. Many of us post something specific software, either on IDM’s crack or photoshop. But in today’s post, all the necessary software is included. You can also find out which software will be best for you. So I wrote a post in the titles…

 Google Chrome for Web Browsing

For my web browsing, I think it’s best that Google Chrome Its simple design, fast browsing, syncing facilities, and security will be ahead of other browsers. It’s currently the most popular and most used web browser. 62.4% of people use Google Chrome. The reasons for the popularity of Chrome browser are Large Library of Extensions and Add-Ons, Clean & Simple User Interface, Searching From The Address Bar, Chrome’s Task Manager, Incognito Mode, Regular Update etc. Saying Google Product, Something special. Simile best software is Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox In the meantime Microsoft Edge is built with Windows 10 built-in.

PotPlayer as Media Player

PotPlayer is a media player software developed by the South Korean Internet company Kakao. PotPlayer and a popular media player like other popular media players such as VLC Media Player, GOM Player, KM Player PotPlayer is a lightweight, highly customizable, smoother user interface and almost all media formats supported software. That’s why I will keep it from other media players. PotPlayer is completely free software. Another good aspect of this is its regular update. Each update adds new themes, bug fixes, and new features.

Notepad++ a Simple Text Editor

We all know the notepad. Notepad is a built-in text editor with Windows. The text editor is a program that can edit plain text. Notepad’s Inclusive Operator ++ has been named by Notepad ++. Notepad ++ is a text editor and source code editor that includes many features. For example, syntax highlighting, code folding, autocompletion, autosave, split screen etc. Another advantage is to install plugins and add more features. Notepad ++ is a free and open source text editor. Other great software such as Sublime Text, Brackets.

MalwareBytes for Secuirity

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software for Windows. Malwarebytes is a scam to scan malicious software, adware, spyware, and other harmful software from the computer. Malwarebytes is more effective as antimalware than antivirus. The Windows Defender that is provided with Windows 10 for the antivirus is the one that is the best. Malwarebytes is free software and a paid version that includes some additional features. However, the free version of an intermediate level computer user is the best. Below is a free version link and full version link. Just download and install the full version link and do not need to do anything else. If you have trouble installing the full version, you can turn off your default antivirus.

Photoshop Photo Editor

Undoubtedly, the best photo editor for Windows computers is Photoshop. It can be said that any software from any operating system is fine. From a Beginner’s level computer user, Advanced Graphics Designers also use Photoshop. Photoshop is usually an advanced photo editor software. This is used for advanced graphics. So photo iPad Photo Editor is a simple and simple photo editor for those new people. The software is linked below. Photoshop CS6 is the Stanford version of Photoshop. Below are the Photoshop CS6 portable version links. Download, just 72nd. For the License Key, use this code 8MEH-RU7JQ-ACDRM-MQEPR-G3S23-FEMBR-ACED. Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.4.26077 × 64’s pre-activated version means activating, just downloading and installing, and also link it below.

Filmora Video Editor

A Best Video Editor Software for Filmora Bigener. Those who are new to video editing can easily do video editing with Fillmore. You can use it to create better quality videos in less time. Although it’s Bigner Friendly, it still has many advanced powerful features. For example Split Screen, Advanced Text Editing, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic (Blurring), Video and Audio Controls, Layer Multiple Video Clips, Audio-Mixe, Create Backgrounds Using Chroma Key, Screen Recording, Noise Removal, Speed Control There are so many features. Filmora is paid software. Download the link below given below. The installer will install the software first from the file. Then copy the Crack file from the Crack folder and paste it into the installation directory that will paste the software into the folder. Diameter will be the full version. Take a look at the details of this post from here. Another simple and easy video editor is the VideoPad Video Editor.

WavePad Sound Editor

Audio editing is an important task for those who create video content on YouTube. If the audio quality is not good, no matter how good the video is, you can not keep the viewer’s attention. So it is very important to create and edit good audio. And most important is that it is a good audio editor. To say good and high professional software names, Adobe Audition, FL Studio will name the types of software. But those who mean the Biggest, the new stars will revolve around seeing the interface of this software. The software will be good for beginners, with the user interface easy and visual. WavePad Sound Editor. It is a popular software for NCH Softwares. The software is fast and easy. Its installer size is just less than 1 mm. Those who are singing songs on their own hobbies, they can easily imprint the quality of the song. And those who work on YouTube, they will be able to recover all the necessary things. The software is professional quality, so the software is not free. There is nothing to worry about Butt. Download the software from the link below. Install and open this code by clicking on the Burger icon> File> Register Upgrade to Master Edition 214025761-waffled. The diameter was made a full version. Hope this serial will work for any version. Many people use Audacity. This is very good and free software. Newcomers can also use.

Internet Download Manager

Those who use computers must know the software. There is no reason to be missing. This popular software is one of CNET’s most downloaded software. This software is designed to download files fast and manage all download files. This software can be easily downloaded from any website including YouTube. There will be a popup show on any webpage where there is a media file. You can easily download files by clicking on the popup. You can download specific format and specific resolution videos to download the video. Download the software from the following link with a crack. Cracking is very easy First install the software. Then from the Patch folder, install 32 bit or 64-bit file as per your computer processor in the installation directory that is installed in the folder where the software was installed. Generally, the default directory for the crack file is selected. Post a detail about this soon, Inshallah

FastStone Capture, a Powerful ScreenShot Utilities

FastStone Capture is a Powerful PC Screenshots Utility. Although the screenshot can be taken by Win + Prt Sc by default on Windows 10. But in that process, the only full-screen shot can be taken. But in FastStone Capture, you can capture screen in a lot of ways. For example Active Window Capture, Window / Object Capture, Rectangular Selection Capture, Free-Hand Selection Capture etc. Also, screen-video can be recorded with it. FastStone Capture is an image editor too. The editor has all the features to edit a screenshot. Download the following link from the software. There is a keygen in that zip file. With Keygen, you can make a full version of the software. Read a detailed post about FastStone Capture.

 Ccleaner, PC Cleaning Tools

Many people who know Ccleaner This software works by deleting all the computer’s unnecessary files such as Junk Files, Temporary Files, Internet Cookies, which slow down your computer. There are several other features like – Registry Cleaner, Uninstaller, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate Finder etc. If you make a professional version of the software with the License Key, there are additional benefits. Download and install the software from the official site link below. Install and open, then by clicking on the Upgrade Writing on the left, then giving any name in the name and putting this code in the License Key, C2YW-IAHG-ZU62-INZQ-WZPC will be a diameter full version.

Search Everything, Powerful Search Tools

You can use this software to search for any file easily from your computer’s file explorer. There is a lot of delay in searching the default file explorer on Windows, sometimes the desired result is not available. But this software will be delayed for you to search but the search results will not be late. I use this software to find different .dll files. There are many ways to search the software, such as: search by category, searching according to file type, and so on. The software is very fast, lightweight and has a portable version. You can download and paste it from the link provided below.

Picasa, Best Image Viewer

A good image viewer software for Windows computers is Google’s Picasa. Although Google does not control or support Picasa anymore. Still, in my opinion, the best image viewer for Picasa Windows. If you use it once you understand why it feels good. In addition to viewing images, you can also light editing with it. There are several editing tools such as: Croping, Resizeing, Red-eye, Retouch, Text, Effects. It’s free software. Download from the link below. Another great image viewer software is FastStone Image Viewer. FastenStone Image Viewer can also be cracked by keygen provided with the above FastStone Capture software.

SHAREit for PC, File Transfering Tools

Shareit does not need to know about it. For those who use smartphones, an essential application is to be called. Shareit can also be used on your computer. Shareit is used to transfer files from computer to computer or to computer to computer. On your computer, Wi-Fi will be kept for file transfer. Then open the SHARE of the mobile and press Connect Pc. If you find the SHAREit of the computer, you can tap and connect with the password. Completely free software. Download the link below. While downloading SHAREit, I have found many kinds of fake software which does not have any work but rather a lot of other problems. So let’s give you official link in your favor.


WinRAR is a file compression and unzip software developed by Alexander Roshal. Many people have used maybe. Many people say it will be wrong, almost all computer users use it. So I do not need to say anything about it. But one interesting fact is that WinRAR’s free trial is 40 days, but these 40 days never end. You can use the entire life software free of charge. Only a popup window will show up occasionally, it is close to it. You can download from the link below. 7-Zip and a more popular software.


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