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Amazon Affiliate Marketing First Episode – Basic Ideas

Amazon Affiliate Marketing First Episode – Basic Ideas

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a work by which you can get commissioned at a fixed rate if you can arrange for the sale of any other company’s service or product to a convincing customer. Amazon Affiliate is the perfect example of it.

That is, an affiliate marketer does not have any products. The main task is to ensure sales of any other product, encouraging customers to sell the order in order to sell them.

Most people in the present world are dependent on online services. They want to do all the jobs online from the purchase of the product and do all the work online. As a result, the market for the production of the product is laid on the market.

On the other hand, the affiliate’s approval for the sale of the product is only a special technique for promoting the sales of the producers. By which the product can be sold at a higher rate.

What is Amazon and why?

Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce site, which has millions of product solutions and service content. Everything is available on every day of the day. On the other hand, Amazon has launched the Amazon Affiliate Program for marketing and marketing their products. And every affiliate marketer is called an Amazon Associate.

There is currently no product available in Amazon. So you can easily work with products from your numerous products to your advantage.

So Amazon is currently a potential marketplace. Where you can form a permanent position within a short time with your hard work and talents.

Amazon is one of the world’s famous brands. People from here do not have to be so damned to buy the product. There is no possibility of harassment of anyone. As a result, people can buy products with confidence. And the diameter of its business is so big that its service is now spread all over the world. So Amazon can easily believe any person.

Also, if you work at Amazon, that’s why you work with the product, you can get commissions on everything that your buyers buy from your promotional link in Amazon. Not only that, in 24 hours on that day the buyer will buy the product, you can get his commission. That means, Amazon will give you a commission on your referral link, which he will purchase in 24 hours by visiting Amazon. So, we can say that Amazon Affiliate Program is the best and the profit maker for online marketers.

What does Amazon pay at the rate?

Amazon’s commission rate is lower than all other marketplaces. But even then Amazon is the most profitable man. Most of the market placements of Karana are seen that the product cell is less. That is, there is no such conversion in the truth of traffic. Nevertheless, no product can be expected except for the product that has been marketed for the market.

On the other hand, the Amazon Affiliate Program can work correctly, up to 10-15% of the conversions can happen. Therefore, there is no possibility of any shortage of marketers, but the profit is less than the commission, but the profit is good.

The image of the Amazon Commission list is given below

Amazon Commission list

How does Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Generally, there are three ways for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. For example,

1. Niche creates a site

2. Create Amazon Store

3. Via YouTube video

Below is a discussion about the media.

1. Niche Sites

Niche site, with a single product of Amazon, is a site with information about that product. Which is made with a product in a small category of Amazon. For example, the coffee maker is a niche. In other words, the Home and Garden category, a small coin of the Cooking Division, is a coffee maker.

Thus, on each product, different websites are called finish sites. And there will be all the information about coffee maker in this site. In this way, you can make product sales by linking Amazon product to your site.

And if in a big way, a site on top of the original category is created for Promoted Promote, the author site is called. Niche Site and Author site is the only one but the author is written about many products on the site. It is called multi-finish. But in the initial stage, nobody should work with multi-niche. Because these sites cost a lot of money. And many articles are to post.

On the other hand, there is the facility of authorization sites. For example, if site ranking is not possible in the site of Nish site, then all planes are being considered. And it can be expected that the site will be able to rank the site through any product.

2. Create Amazon Store

In the Amazon Store, you can create an e-commerce site yourself with products from Amazon. That means you can create a shop yourself, where Amazon can sell products. Like all other e-commerce sites, people can purchase products from here. For payment, he has to go to Amazon’s payment option. Simply put, the buyer will collect from your site for purchase of the product. And the payment page will be Amazon’s. If you sell the product you will get your commission.

Basically, it’s a cost-effective marketing process. Which initially does not bring benefits to anyone. Because Amazon has to work with paid traffic for the store. In order to do this kind of work, he is not a profitable person without skilled marketing to work on paint traffic.

3. Youtube video:

YouTube is the most popular social media in the current world. Through which any person can share their video.

So, it is possible to make Amazon Affiliate Marketing through YouTube videos. This is not as popular as the market marketer of Bangladesh. But people from many countries of the world are doing marketing through YouTube videos. This is because it is not the main reason in Bangladesh, it is necessary to promote the product through YouTube video, create quality flower videos with the correct pronunciation. If you can not make good quality videos, you can not make Amazon affiliate marketing from youtube.

What process will you do?

As a new online marketer or in the context of Bangladesh, creating a niche site is a great way to make Amazon Affiliate Marketing. And a large number of people in Bangladesh are working on making niche sites.

So, we can conclude that we are going to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing by creating a niche site.

It is less costly to manufacture nic sites such as less expensive, less risk. Through this program, I will discuss all the processes made in the site.

How much can be earned by the Amazon affiliate?

It can be possible to earn at least $ 200-300 per month, if you can plan and do the right thing, in Annalee. After knowing the location, you can tell yourself how much is possible to earn.


In the above articles, I tried to give some basic ideas about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. I hope everyone understands.

In the next phase, I will show you what to do for a site. That means our job will be to create a niche site to make Amazon affiliate marketing. So we will discuss the steps to build a niche site.

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