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Domain and Hosting
Domain and Hosting

Detailed Discussion on Domains and Hosting Part Two.

Web Space:

This is the amount of my storage online. As mentioned in the example above, the amount of web space is 200 mega. Now in the middle of this 200 megars, I have to keep all my files. I can keep and delete my favorite file. But its maximum limit will be 200 mega.


Bandwidth is the total amount of data transfer in one month. Many people confuse bandwidth with web spaces. It is easy to understand the issue when given an example. Suppose I put a file of 1 MB on my site. In my web space Kamal 1 MB Now if 100 users download this file once, then my bandwidth cost will be 100 * 1 = 100 mega. If 100 users download twice, the cost will be 100 * 2 = 200 mega. Bandwidth should be based on the popularity of the site.

E-mail Accounts: That means the email address under your own domain without using third party (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail). How many times I can open an account that indicates the number. For example, email address can be opened in the example above.

MySQL Databases:

Databases are used to create dynamic sites (such as Joomla, WordPress, Panjabi). By number, I can use several databases.

FTP Accounts: Apart from the browser, the files can be managed through FTP client (FileZilla). I will open several such openings, which will indicate by number.

On different occasions we see a lot of sites under a domain.
These are called sub-domains. The hosting company will be able to determine how many subdomains I can use.

There may be hundreds of thousands of websites on a server, in a shared hosting. The reason for keeping one site together is that the hits do not fall on all the sites at the same time (not loaded). However, if there is a lot of hits on any site, then no more work is done with shared hosting.

Managed Hostage:

If the hosting company itself does all the operating system / software installs plus care, then it is called Managed Hosting. But the management will not make the hosting company free of charge. To manage, the hosting company may be able to pay up to $ 50 a few hundred dollars.

Un-managed hosting:

And if you have to do all the work to manage this software, plus an extra hosting, it is called Unmanned Hosting.

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