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graphics design learning

Graphics Design Learning

Graphics Design Learning

Now I am discussing all the basics to advance Graphics design learning:

What is freelancing ??
The meaning of the word “freelancing” means “pirate”.

In the profession or profession, you are the boss who has no one to order you. If you work then income will not be there.

It depends on our competence. Suppose, a Russian man named “x” and wants to make a web site for his local shop.

However, he does not know any web designer, so he goes to a website called “Y” and talks about this project. I mean, he said that he needs a web site like this.

Tell them how long they will have to. Now the web designers who are on the site have commented on the Russian person’s post, who can afford to pay.

And how long it will take. And the person who likes whom he will give the job. The person who got this job is the freelancer here and the work that is given to him is called the buyer. So this is fairly rough.

Now the question is why will I work?
Hmmm !! The question is good. In fact, you give all your details when opening a Facebook account, as well as providing a lot of information to open the account as a freelancer on those sites.

What you can do, your portfolio, the GitHub account’s address, many things you can easily find out what you can do.

Well, there are many things. But what do we talk about?

You can do a lot of things that will never end. Take for example

Web designer
Graphic designer
Android Apps Developer
Etc. etc.

I have said in a post about how a web developer will become. So, go to my profile and see the post.

Now in this episode, I will discuss how a “graphic designer” will become.

What does graphic mean ??
Graphic meaning is image-based. We see many graphical examples every day. Such as a company’s logo, banner, poster, web site, thumbnails etc.

you graphics design learning so you can develop your future life.

If you are a graphic designer, your life will turn around and on the other hand. But it will take much effort and hard work.

What do you need?
To know English. Because, in Bangla, nothing will get nothing but the basic concept of Photoshop. And if you want to learn Photoshop then you will become a graphic designer, then say you wake up from the morning, it’s morning.
The fairly configurable computer is better. Now the price of the computer is not very much.
The computer must be quite efficient to run because graphic design is quite an advanced topic.
It is very good to know the drawings. You have to learn even if you do not know.

It’s fairly graphics design learning easy to know them. But if you do not know them before, you will have to learn or you can not do anything.

What do graphic designers do?

1. Logo Design:
Logos are sure to know A company’s first identity is its name and logo. So, everybody wants a good logo for the company. In this case, most of the graphic designing work is available.

2. Advertising:
Advertising is a promotion for a company, and the advertisement is a must. Graphic Designer’s Creativity is Main in this case.

There are many such tasks, it is difficult to give details of so many things. I gave the list below.

Logo Design
Advertising made
Visiting Card Design
Website PSD Template

graphics design learning

Book cover design
T-shirt Design
Postcard-Card Design
Advertising Design
Web banner design
Various designs of mobile apps
Icon Design
Video Thumbnail Design
Post thumbnail design
There are many more.

Where to learn ??
I’m so lazy. But, how to learn ?? What do I teach ??

No matter when writing to the brother writing this way, nothing will happen. My Best Choice is UDEMY’s Video Course. Many courses are lost in the crowd of tutorials when we usually learn something.

So I’m just talking about three courses that one will learn.

Freelance Graphic Designers Masterclass | Udemy
Introduction to Graphic Design | Udemy
Graphic Design Course | Learn by Doing Practical Projects! | Udemy
These three courses are e-Ugly’s Best Graphic Design Course. You can say that these are paid course brothers. Where so much money ??

Yes, but you’ll get free download links and these. Where is the link here? I could have given the link, but the links are usually invalidated.

So by typing the course names and search Google with just free download. Inshallah will get in the freebies.

But, why not online courses from any training center ?? Why would we buy the money that we get in free?

Now let’s see where work can be found.

Magazines/magazines/ publications organizations

Printing and Designing Institutions
Web development organizations
Online marketplace.
Freelance Marketplace.
Advertising Builders Institution
You can also work on various freelancing sites such as


Again, if you want you to have your designs done

You can sell on sites like this.

What to do if you want to be an expert?
Keep yourself updated.
Be creative.
Others have to follow
There will be several blog posts to wear.
Do your own job marketing etc.
Oops !! I said a lot. I cannot be I’m not a graphic designer or it’s the ultimate truth. Looking at the Internet, Google has written a post about Wikipedia about various things.

And much later, this post is written for the Trainer Competition. If you think you need to keep your timeline, you can share.

I hope you can follow this step you can easily Graphics design learning.

If you like it, please comment and like it.



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