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paypal account
paypal account

How Should You Use Your Paypal account & How Should Not Be Done?

How Should You Use Your Paypal account & How Should Not Be Done?


Paypal account:

Paypal account the name is known by many. Hopefully, this is not what you need to know about it.Many of us do pay money with Paypal account for our different needs. But everyone is sad, Paypal account is not officially in Bangladesh. That is, it is not possible to open a Paypal account using Bangladeshi information from Bangladesh. But many of us are using Paypal account with different country information. But many do not think about its negative aspects. As a result, many people have seen that,

1. Paypal account becomes limited.

2. Paypal account is completely banned.

Then there is no way to avoid these problems altogether. Because we are using Paypal accounts with wrong information in different countries and we have no document, proof of that information. For this, we should take a little note of using PayPal account.

How can you avoid account limitation or all other problems using a Paypal account?

In fact, when PayPal Security Department bans/bans the account no one can say correctly. PayPal keeps an eye on our accounts.

We have two ways to stay away from these limits/bans. Where one is,

Keeping all the information right, using the Paypal account open. So what Where are you getting these? If someone you know is an orthodox PayPal is a citizen of the country, you will be able to use their Paypal account with their name and address. Although it does not have to be a problem, if it is, then it is possible to fix it.
And another way is to follow some of the following rules. If you use PayPal accounts by following these rules, then hopefully your Paypal account will be protected.

1. Do not use any type of VPN / Proxy for forgot during login/login in Paypal account. I repeat, do not use any type of VPN / Proxy.

2.Using the same device (phone/laptop / PC), or using PayPal account, use Paypal account only with that device. Do not use more than one Paypal account on one device.

3. Paypal account will not try to take more payments. If you want to take it, then you should go to the customer service by email or phone call to ensure that your Paypal account will be able to make such a lot of money (yes, of course, if you say that, in this way, the PayPal customer manager will realize that the account will get so much money, Account will not review).

4. If you do not open a Paypal account from the country, always try to verify the phone number and the phone number of the Paypal account that you have. Because PayPal can do phone verification whenever

5. If you need to use Paypal account regularly, you will first verify the Paypal account. This means that the bank + card + phone number will be verified. If you use PayPal regularly while unverified, then there is a possibility of account limitation/banning.

6. With PayPal, you need to pay for anything from a website (for example domain, hosting or online shopping), then add a debit card to your PayPal account.

7. If not, you can not make payments even though the Paypal account is $.
Try not to open more than one Paypal account in the same name. Because if more accounts are opened in one name, then all accounts in that name can be limited/banned.

8. Avoid logging in to Paypal account unnecessarily. If you do not need to log in to account only.

9. Avoid trading transactions with Paypal accounts. Gradually raise the quantity. (For example First 5 $, then 10 $, then 13/15 $, then increase the amount.) If you use the wrong amount, then the eyes of the PayPal Security Manager will go to your Paypal account and the possibility of getting account limit.

10. Withdrawing money from Paypal accounts will prevent you from doing that transaction. Suppose you got 100 $ someone sold, you got it and you sent it to someone else – do not forget that, PayPal Security Department will review your account and keep it in Limit / Verification. After getting the money, it is better to stay away from those transactions for several hours.

Stay away from taking money from anyone’s account. Try to make money from the Verifier account only.


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