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How to Give Yourself the Perfect Manicure at Home

                      The Perfect Manicure


A fresh, beautifully done manicure helps you look clean and put together. But professional manicures can be expensive and time-consuming. Why go to the salon when you can give yourself a perfect manicure at home? Read on to learn how.

1. Remove any old nail polish thoroughly.

2. Clip your nails straight across using a Seki Edge fingernail clippers or nail scissors. Cut a number of small cuts rather than a large single cut, being careful not to clip the tip of the finger. Cut nails to a length that suits your preference. Cutting nails straight across will help to prevent ingrown nails.

3. Follow with filing your nail with a  nail file. File nails in one direction only (right to left or left to right). Avoid using a seesaw motion. The most popular nail shape to use is oval but chooses what is most suited to your hand and finger shape.

4. Soak your hands in warm water to loosen your hangnails and cuticle skin. Let them soak for about 5 minutes or until the cuticles are soft.

5. Use a cuticle pusher to push down excess cuticles. Then, clip hangnails off using a Seki Edge cuticle nipper or cuticle scissors, leaving a slight angle outward. Never pull off hangnails. Doing so almost always results in ripping and bleeding. See Cuticle Care for specifics on how to use our Seki Edge cuticle tools to give your cuticles the finishing touch.

6. Apply a base coat to each nail and give it time to dry. Apply polish, cleaning up any stray marks with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. Add a second coat for deeper color. Complete the manicure with a top coat of clear polish for long-lasting nail color.

7. Maintenance: Sanitize all of your Seki Edge tools (wash with mild soap & water) and dry them promptly. Store them away in a secure & dry place until the next manicure.

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