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SEO friendly content
SEO friendly content

How to write a SEO friendly content-on page seo

How to write a SEO friendly content [on page seo]

SEO friendly content:

We are many who have started new blogging. Because we already know that Google Adsense is developing Bengali content. So many people have been interested in blogging. Today I will discuss how to write a SEO friendly content. Do not write as good content as you If that’s not why SEO friendly content, your writing will never be available on Google’s first page. To write a beautiful article, Urutbapurna issues.

on a page, SEO friendly content tricks

Title tag:

The title tag is a very important part of SEO friendly content. Your title tag must be unique. Try title tag only in 66 words. Keep the title as per your keyword’s keyword. Search Engine will first check the title of your post Important to Beautiful SEO friendly content.

meta description:

After the title, Google will check Google’s search query on your meta description. So try to write a summary of the post in the meta description. Try a better unique meta description. .then Beautiful SEO friendly content.


Heading for SEO friendly content is very important. We know there are six headings, a heading is very important for the search engine. So use heading on the key keywords of your blog. For example, I used this important heading in this post for Beautiful SEO friendly content.


To enhance the beauty of a post, Image is very important, and it also carries a lot of importance in a search engine. Optimize with Alt Tage and Caption on Image. Use Post Related Image. Use altitude and post related keyword in a caption to Beautiful SEO friendly content.

 permalink structure:

It will be as good to see a well-organized URL of any post, as well as to the search engines. Compose the postal permalink in relation to the topic you are posting on. Because if the post link is in line with important keywords in the post, then the search query will be more likely to come in a better position in search results. Many people have given no importance to this matter and have written some URL without any subject-based keywords.

For example – suppose you wrote a complete post about sip, but posted URL was www.mywebsite.com/2016/08/post30.html. In this case, search engines can not understand anything about the postal URL from the article on the blog. On the other hand, if the structure of the URL is www.mywebsite.com/2016/08/SEO, the search engine can easily understand that the post is written about SEO related topics.

internal links:

If you have posted a post that is related to a post related to another post, then link it to your desired post. If the internal links are followed by following, it will help your page rank and then Beautiful SEO friendly content.

Think about the article

Think about the topics you are writing about. Write a blog about a specific topic. Avoid copying other articles. Write a Human article. Your article will be as unique, the popularity of your blog site will grow as quickly as possible.


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