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Linux is the best or Windows? Difference between Windows and Linux

Linux is the best or Windows? Difference between Windows and Linux

For Linux users:

Many people may turn upside down and some will laugh at hearing that there is a need for security for Linux. But the fact is that It can be attacked (and it is). It is not yet popular because of the malware on the server, yet the server is targeted. But with the popularity of Linux gradually, malware will start to come in the desktop. So Linux users need to be cautious.

– The online security repository of Linux’s biggest security. Software used here are tested, so there is no risk in them. Install the application from the repository as far as possible.

Many of us install software from a third-party repo. It is good to find out about these reports.

– It’s easy to get root permissions in Linux, just before sudo or gksu is installed. So think again before giving root access to software that is not installed from the repo.

Because of the internal security of Linux, the thoughts are less and less aware. But the security of Windows has increased a lot. Windows Seven is more secure than Windows XP. For the sake of safety, user awareness is needed.

For Windows users:

– Poorly rooted windows as root. Security in these areas is deplorable. Use Genuine Windows when using Windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials only prevented virus attacks. The virus does not say anything while sitting quietly. This is done for keeping the application lightweight. So if there is a virus but the security essence does not catch it then there is nothing to worry about. However, if you have a suspicion in mind, the advice will be to use Avast AntiVirus. (For those who have to pay for windows antivirus forums, blogs or Facebook’s wall wallets – these two antiviruses are free and popular)

– Use a firewall. Enables the Windows Firewall from the Control Panel. The firewall will ensure that you do not have access to an application on the internet or local network.

Internet Explorer lets you access many of your Windows web applications. This is a major threat to security and virus infections. Update your Internet Explorer to the latest version (version nine). If possible, use another browser.

– Check your credibility before running any software. Do not run well without knowing about any unfamiliar software. If you search Google, reviews will be available on any popular software.

Now, why do you use Linux?

Once you install a Linux Distro to understand why to use it, some development works. Then do the same thing on Windows. Get the difference in hand.

There are some benefits of Linux:

Linux is basically a Unix-based system. Not the real Unix, but like Unix. If you want to work on software development, Unix based system will definitely give you some benefits that you have to burn enough to get Windows. Get a little more Google for details.
Most of the bad computer viruses in the world are written for Windows, that’s why the virus in Windows. It does not work in Windows, so the virus does not work. So, you can use it in happiness, no worries about getting a virus, Antivirus has no question
It is a very lightweight system. If you set up 15 years ago Pentium 4 processor and 512 MB RAM or more than a computer configuration, then it will also work well.
Simply put,

Linux Free, Secure, Viceroy no. Most of these talk about marketing. If you are interested then you can break a system (Linux) into pieces, you can research every part of that system, the biggest thing is to understand how an operating system works. And this is possible due to open source.


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