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revenue sharing

Revenue Sharing – full tutorial

Revenue Sharing full tutorial

What is Revenue Sharing?

Firstly, for those who do not know a little about them, what is the revenue sharing thing?
In simple words, revenues are shared online like shares in the real world.
You can invest dollars with one of the payment methods and you can get it back within 3 to 4 weeks without doing any work.

Revenue Sharing sites are currently the fastest way to earn a medium.
100% commission of each PTC and is available from these sites and 20% discount on the shares of the Revenue Commission and 120% of each share is available.
Every day at the sites with the minimum 10 cents Ed So if you have a few references to these sites, you can do a good job as well
5-10 dollars per day

Income through shares

It is a very easy way to earn money through revenue sharing. If you are interested in investing their fixed money by clicking on the Surf or banner, your account will be credited till the time is settled. Now if you have been sharing a lot of shares together, then a good commission account will be added without any references.

You think you have 5 shares of Trafficmonsoon at 50 dollars.
Trafficmonsoon returns $ 1 to $ 55 every day on every share.
Then your account will be credited 5 dollars to 5 shares per day, $ 275 will be deposited in 55 days and your shares will be closed.
Now, to earn 5 shares, your cork is 250 dollars 55 days your profit is 25 dollars
These are just your share profits.
Now from 5 of your shares, 50 days in 10 days, when your account will be deposited, you can continue to share one more share, then one share will be 6 will be 6 dollars per day. In this way, the shares will be raised.

How much income is from the revenue sharing?

Suppose you have 100 shares in this process.
Then you will get 100 dollars from your daily stock. 5500 dollars from 100 shares in 55 days
To charge 100 shares, it will cost 500 dollars, if you want, you can also take 1 time. Then from 100 of your shares 55 days profit is 500 dollars.
The greater the number of shares you make in this way, the more your commission will be.

How to share 100 shares from 1 revenue sharing?

Today you are sharing 1 share. 50 dollars from this share in 50 days will be credited to your account.
Then, with 50 shares, you can now share your two shares with one share of 5 days and 55 days for another share.

In the first 5 days, your account will be deposited 10 dollars and your account will be 50 dollars in the next 40 days. Then, with this 50 dollars, you can more than one share, now the tenure of the old share will be 10 days. The first 10 days of the two shares will be 20 dollars and the account will be 50 dollars in the next 30 days. Then, after acquiring another share, your share of the expiration will be 15 days, 5 days, 5 days, 55 days after that, you will take a single share in one of your accounts and you can share this amount as much as you can. But it takes a lot of time to go from 1 to 100. I would like to introduce minimum 5 shares at least one time together.
Then it is possible to reach a better place sooner.

Here I have mentioned the rules of this site on Trafficmonsoon, which is the highest share of share revenue. The rest of the sites can also increase the shares in the same rules and the share price is less than the rest of the sites.

How to earn 5-10 dollars from revenue sharing?

Remember that you have 5 Share Revenue sites, and each site has 10 references, each of your daily minimum earnings is 10 references + 10 cents plus = 1 dollar = 5 sites = 5 dollars.

Now if you have 20 people in one of them, then your minimum daily income is 20 reference × 10 cent AD = 2 dollars = 5 sites = 10 dollars.

Now if you have 50 people in the referees, then your minimum daily income is 50 reference × 10 cents per $ 5 dollars = 5 dollars = $ 25.

Now if you have 100 people in one of them, then your minimum daily income is 100 reference × 10 cents ad = 10 dollars = 5 sites = 50 dollars.

The more you referenced in this way the more the commission will come. Daily commissioning of this commission will also be added.

How to take payment from revenue sharing?

These sites offer PayPal, Payza, Solid trust, and more online e-walls, through which you can withdraw money from your income.
You can take money from these e-wallets directly by transferring money to the bank.

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