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Some important strategies for optimizing the AppStore

Some important strategies for optimizing the AppStore

Optimizing the AppStore

The strategy that can be used to move an app to the top of the App Store (Apps Store), is the optimization of the applet’s appetite. Meet up
It is possible that Optimizing the AppStore is being downloaded many times, but due to the lack of downloading of more than one app in the lower part of the desktop,


* Attracting more than one visitor. Visitors can find the app easily.
* Ranking ahead of contestants.
*. The top of the ranking for keyword specific.
* Keep ahead of Google Ranking.
*.The visit is interested in downloading the app.


* Use the App Title keyword.
* For every keyword, search engine optimization and apps change the location of the app.
* Keep an eye on how many times the app is downloaded.
* Encourage previous users to make positive reviews.
* Use the Appiculative App Icon (Icon).

There are too many ways to Optimizing the AppStore.

Here is the way to Optimizing the AppStore.

How to do App Store Optimization?

Step 1: Find the right app store keywords

One of the biggest aspects of improving your app store search rankings is the choice of keywords. Thus, your app search optimization efforts should start with implementing the right app store keywords.

a) App Store Keyword Ideas

To start, try and come up with at least 50 app store keywords. Here are some great ASO tools to guide you through the hunt for quality keywords. These tools will provide you with many other keywords to consider. And the best part of all – they’re all free!

Remember that your app store keywords must be relevant to your apps. Don’t be tempted to use a popular, but irrelevant keyword to your apps. You want your apps to be found by users who will actually download and enjoy your apps.


b) Optimize Your App Store Keywords

Now with your initial set of app store keywords, it’s imperative you develop a strategy to filter and select the best keywords for your app. Here are some app store keyword tools that can help you with this optimization process. These tools provide the popularities (or search traffic)as well as difficulties (or chances) of your app store keywords. In general, carefully select around 25 app store keywords for the next release of your app.

Step 2: Put the app store keywords in the right places

Now that you have chosen and optimized your app store keywords, you are ready for step 2 of app search optimization: putting the app store keywords in the right places.

There is a couple of metadata where you must fill in the text with your app store keywords.

a) App Name

Name your app in a creative and searchable fashion. Not only is it the first piece of the puzzle in telling your potential users what your app is, it also gets your app in the app store search results.

According to MobileDevHQ (now renamed to Tune), using keywords in your title can result in up to 10.3% increase of rankings.


Courtesy: tips-box.com

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