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e-commerce traders
e-commerce traders

The successful package came with e-commerce traders

The successful package came with e-commerce traders

e-commerce traders:

E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (ECC) president Rajeev Ahmed said, “There are now around one thousand online shopping sites in Bangladesh and there are more than eight thousand Facebook pages, who are selling products and services. It is believed that it will increase further. And today 15 to 16 thousand parcel delivery is being received, which is very small compared to the number of 16 million people in Bangladesh. It is a matter of hope that even a year ago, the market was very limited between Dhaka and Chittagong, and now the order comes from 64 districts.

In all, e-commerce is going on in Bangladesh. New and old businessmen are being involved every day in this new trend of online business. The country is giving high-speed internet to the screwed pale breeze. Meanwhile, Store has come up with a new level of technical excellence. This is an amazing opportunity for those who want to make their own e-commerce website.

Launched in December, the company has come up with a whole new technology for e-commerce traders. The e-commerce website is an essential part of online retailing, making it affordable, easily. By taking a look at Storrea.com, it will take a long time to create an e-commerce website.

On August 6 officially announced the launch of the ‘successful’ package. This package will include exciting store theme combinations, discount coupon management, product reviews, e-mail marketing, with the help of payment cards.

Base Alam, CEO of Deshapul.com, delivered the welcome address at the function. In his speech, Bushra Alam presented the Role of Flower Market as an experience and technology partner. At the event, online vendors who were also present at Storia platform were present.

In his speech, Rajeev Ahmed said, “Such a service is actually new in our country’s context. Websites can be made by anyone, but the problem of maintaining it and the latest updates are not on this type of platform. For online payment gateways, online traders spend a large amount of money, but all the facilities are available in Storia. Businessmen just think about the business, technically side is entirely in the hands of Story.

Story Head of Business Md. In his speech, Al Arman highlighted the features of various packages in the story. In his speech, he highlighted the effectiveness of the dreamer, courage and successful package of the country’s online merchants and the needs of different types of traders.

This feature of Stories has added a new dimension to the e-commerce reality of Bangladesh. The traditional marketplace has come out of classified service and has developed IT. The evolution of e-commerce in the coming days is proof that such an initiative.


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