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Green tea for healthy life

unbelivable – 7  benefites of taking green tea regularly


If you want to keep yourself beautiful and refreshing, then eat a rose tea. If you do not want tea after getting up every morning, the mood gets worse. We do not want to drink this tea called tea, but do not miss it. But you know what a tea Not only do the mind solve various physical problems. This tea is very effective in keeping skin and hair beautiful. This is the Green Tea magic. If you drink only once a day, this will keep your whole body alert. How are you doing it? Let’s see.

Benefites of green tea : Green is the most beneficial beverage from any other beverage. It was used as a medicine in India in India. Different problems of the body, such as cancer, diabetes. It does great work to keep skin and hair difficult, any skin problem, heart problems.

গ্রীন টি

7 unbelivable  benefites of green tea : 1. Green tea is one of the greatest qualities that helps in preventing any type of cancer. For example, skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, golbladar cancer, prostate cancer etc. can prevent any cancer. The grease prevents cancer from spreading to the body. Protects you from being infected with cancer. There are plenty of antioxidants and minerals Loses are very beneficial to keep the body fresh and healthy.

2. Different studies have shown that compared to 1 cup of green tea per day, every 5 cups of green tea is more fit. Their cardiovascular disease is very low. Also, reduce the cholesterol in the body and keep our heart healthy and the heart Strongly help to protect from stroke. Therefore, if you want to save your heart, keep it on daily diet chart Green.


एक जापानी लड़की हरी चाय पी रही है

3. If you drink green tea every day, you can control diabetes like this.

4. Various studies have shown that green skin is very beneficial to keep skin and hair beautiful. It is not only beautiful but also problems related to various skin problems such as bron, patchy skin, bursting of skin, problems like dandruff, which are difficult to get rid of. This greener. And this is a mystery of the Green Tee Glowing Skin, which we all like. It helps to shine the skin and hair from inside.

5. We all know that the pair of pairs to reduce the excess weight. The excess fat in different parts of the body has been removed. We have almost never faced any problems with this green tissue. It is proven solution to reduce excess fat in the body.

৬.গ্রীন টির আরেকটি অসাধারণ গুণ হল এটি আমদের ব্রেন কে সঠিক ভাবে পরিচালিত করতে সাহায্য করে ।এটি ব্রেনে রক্ত সঞ্চালনকে ঠিক রাখে। তারফলে ব্রেন দ্রুত কাজ করে।ব্রেনের বিভিন্ন কাজকে নিয়ন্ত্রণ করে আমাদের শরীরকে সুস্থ রাখতে সাহায্য করে এই গ্রীন টি।


ग्रीन टी

7. If you can drink green tea, then it is fine and fine. Various studies reveal that the internal bacterial in the mouth, the virus controls the green tissue by which we have good teeth and can be released from the smell of the mouth.

If you want to stay fit and fit, then you will have to drink green 



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