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Unique tips for photography

  Unique  tips of photography

 The photograph is basically a two-dimensional box which is actually representing a three-dimensional world. The most important in a photograph is composition. Composing a photograph means placing the elements of your image in a way that the images are able to tell or convey a story to the viewers. As a photographer, the technical setting like exposer, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, iso, and the stuff are the technical thing you have to master. The real challenge is how you compose your images so that viewers can easily understand what the main subject and what the main story of the images.

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For this reason, the composition is so important in photography. The first guideline of the composition is the rule of third: By using camera grid line it is very easy to compose an image by divide the image into three different parts horizontally and vertically in equal and place your subject in any of the four intersection points. Instead of keep image in the center using a rule of the third can easily compose image beautifully, dynamic. Central composition: To capture an image keeping it in the center when you have some kind of symmetry try to create an image by balance composition I mean keep the image in central. Leading Lines: Leading lines means there will be lines which leads to a single point of your subject. It makes the image more dynamic and better looking also. It is very strong but not it is also hard to apply. Foreground interest: Normally we pay attention only middle ground and background, but sometimes we forget about the foreground. But adding some kind of foreground element that compliments the scene and makes it more dynamic to the viewers.


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