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What is responsive Web Design? Why do you respond to the website?

What is Responsive Web Design? Why do you respond to the website?

What is actually responsive?

As I said earlier, now I am repeating again that a website is responsive to the best way to display or use a website like Mobile, Tables, Laptops and Large Computer.

What is the benefit of responding?

Currently freelancing marketplace is not responsive to any website designated as it. Let’s say another thing
You definitely do not like to visit the computer made for the mobile computer. In this case, all the div (div) of the website will look bigger in width, like the prison. You can not visit the website for a computer again and you can not visit the mobile well. You need to zoom in the info. The thing is common, you tell yourself. Now if you are responsive you will not have to be so much adulthood. There will be no separate versions for mobile and PCs. Now you understand the profit

How to make a response now?

To be responsive, you have to be proficient in HTML CSS, especially CSS. It is using CSS’s Media Queries. Currently, CSS cannot be responsive to any other language. (Now speaking, if a new language is made in the future)

Below I give a simple example of making a responsive.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Responsiv Webdesign</title>
* {
h1 {
@media screen and (min-width: 500px) {
h1 {
<h1>This Is Responsiv Example..</h1>

Look at the code well and I took a code to color it. That is, in the media quote, I have indicated that “the browser should be more than 500 pixels when the width of the background becomes green from the teal” browser

If you do not believe me, then copy the code and save it to the index.html file. Rotten mobile can be seen and changed exactly.

I tried to convince you as much as possible. If you do not understand later, please comment. If you like it, do not forget to give me a post. Here, in this post, I am going to Allah Halifax.


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