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"what is seo"

what is seo ,seo tools and seo marketing for bignners

What Is SEO

search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a combination of some strategies. The word search engine optimization adds two words to the phrase. One is the search engine and the other is optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method that can make a website important to the search engine.

Important for webmasters: This is very important for webmasters. When an internet user types a word (keyword) in the search engine’s search bar and presses the enter button, a lot of the site address goes to the monitor in which he can get the answer to his query. On the first page of the search result, everyone has the goal of bringing their website into ten websites. Because of this, users generally do not have the desired website within the top ten and do not go to the second page and research using any other word. In the beginning, the user will enter the list immediately above the address of the site. So all the webmasters want their site to be in the top of the search results page. But the question is, with the order of displaying the sites, why a site is preceded and followed by another, and based on what is the priority of the sites? Answers to this question will answer search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Process:

SEO is also a process by which a site can have a significant position in search engines based on a specific keyword (keyword). So that the website may appear before leaving other sites behind the search results of a particular topic. Such search results are called organic or natural search results. The top ten means that more visitors are available on the website, and more visitors mean more revenue. For this reason, everyone desperately seeks to make their website suitable for search engines. These types of work are available every day in different outsourcing marketplaces. There are many Bangladeshi freelancers who are doing these tasks with great success. However, for many, the matter is not often understood, and therefore, can not understand how to start after having interest.

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